It's Time to Start or Better Your Acting Journey

At Actors Lab we don’t teach you how to act. We get you good enough to get work, so you can learn to act on the job.

Term 4 Auckland ALS Classes Commence 31 October

Term 4 kicks off 31 October, full deets HERE

Teen Acting Classes

Adult Acting Classes

In our teen classes we have the same high expectation of you that we have for our adult classes, and the same high standard of industry professional teaching too. You’ll learn from the BEST working practitioners around, studying camera and audition technique, voice, accents, weapons combat, movement, improvisation, stunts – and just about any other skill that TV and Film work will require of you. All the while we’ll be nurturing you as performers and people, treating you always with care and respect.

Whatever your final artistic destination along the way you’ll grow your emotional and social literacy, your communication and imagination, and explore your identity and where you fit in the world.

In our Adult classes you’ll perform most weeks a scene from TV, Film or Theatre, and usually take footage home to view for more learning. You’ll be guided to uncover the hidden layers in the writing and pushed to take the work out of your comfort zone. You’ll learn exciting techniques and how to act on your impulses (‘your instincts are always right’) and make surprising watchable choices. And you’ll learn from the best working practitioners around, who get to design special classes tailored to your needs.


NUMBERS  These are strictly limited to 14 per group.

FEES ADULTS  $50 per session, 450; Equity members & returning actor discounts. 8 x 3.5 hour sessions per term.

Drop-ins  (returning actors only) $50/ session.

WHERE  All workshops are held at the Campbell’s Free Kindergarten in Victoria Park

Adults  Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evenings

Teens  Sunday afternoons 

Private Tuition  by appointment

Online Courses  Ongoing

Why The Actors Lab?

We’re about training you in key skills, but where we differ is that we know what is happening out in the industry, and we prepare our actors for that. So a few years back we started bringing the Pop Up Globe casting directors into our classes. We were the only Acting Program to do this, and castings with the Pop Up Globe were the result. We brought in Improv in to our classes last year, and one of our teens and one of our adult participants were cast in the improv based comedy ‘The Educators.’ And everyone’s acting got better. We know that Children’s TV guru Stephen Campbell is developing a new TV show, so we brought him in to teach our teens. And we knew the accent the makers of Lord of the Rings were asking for in audition, so we trained our actors in that accent. Our screen acting tutors, the likes of Lisa Chappell and Joel Tobeck, aren’t just experienced actors – they’re currently working actors. Their insights are fresh from the sets of the TV shows they are acting in.

We are constantly adapting and evolving our content, and teachers, listening to your input too, so we can give you the edge you want for your acting career.

Our Key Changes

  • We have small class sizes – now a maximum of 14.
  • You work every session.
  • There’s more choice and you get input into who and what we teach.
  • There are more guest teachers, all working professionals – this is no longer the Peter Feeney show! Only…
  • Actors Lab Studio has a screen emphasis.

JUlie Collis ALS Chat Show Series