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Looking for acting classes in Auckland? You’ve come to the right place! It’s time to start your Acting Journey with us.
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Our method
Our method
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Why us?

WE LISTEN: Your learning needs are important to us. You influence the tutors we choose and the work we cover. We are continually adapting and evolving so we can give you the edge you want for your acting career.

SCREEN FOCUS: We are screen focused but know that subjects such as voice, accent and improv come into play with that priority too.

SMALL CLASS SIZES WITH REGULAR PRACTICE: You get to work every session.

CHOICE: You get to choose between different tutors and content each term.

WE’RE PLUGGED IN: We know what’s happening out in the industry arena, and this influences what we do. A few years ago, we brought the Pop-Up Globe casting directors into our classes. We were the only Acting Program to do this, and castings with the Pop-Up Globe were the result. We have regular Improv classes, and our teens and adult participants have been cast in the improv-based comedy ‘The Educators.’ Our screen acting tutors, the likes of Lisa Chappell, Cam Swainson and Joel Tobeck, are working actors. Their insights are fresh from the Film, Theatre and TV shows they appear in.

WE’RE A COMMUNITY: We provide a community for all to learn together, make collaborative connections, and understand better the creative contribution each participant can make to the Performing Arts in Aotearoa.

Acting classes Auckland
Auckland acting

Our method

We’ll pass on great ideas on how to prepare to perform and develop a character. Peter’s book, ‘Acting and how to Survive it,’ will underpin your learning, and help make sense of your experiences in class. Our aim as teachers in Actors Lab is to build your confidence and artistry. Each visiting teacher brings their unique perspective. There’s no overall system or technique you have to master, no 10-step programme. We are about what works for you.

Teaching is via the Socratic method where the tutor du jour asks the hard questions – but does not give the answers. As they will have to on the job, the actor must struggle to figure it out on their own. This makes for hard learning that sticks.

Your outcomes

When you join us, we’ll get you used to working under pressure and out of your comfort zone. You’ll get free and relaxed in your acting, bringing more of your personality to bear, and get used to living in your instincts. Our working environment is challenging, but safe, giving you permission to fail. You’ll work with the same group of actors term by term, growing and bonding together. You’ll learn heaps, and you’ll laugh more than you ever have in a class.

Whatever your final artistic destination along the way you’ll grow your emotional and social literacy, your communication and imagination, and explore your identity and where you fit in the world.

Peter Feeney

The gory details

We have a four-term structure. Each term is 8 or 9 weekly sessions

New Classes Commence every 2 months

All workshops are held at the Campbell’s Free Kindergarten in Victoria Park

Adult classes are Sunday & Monday evenings; Teens are Sunday afternoons

Private Tuition by appointment

Adult Acting Classes in Auckland

In our Adult classes you’ll perform most weeks a scene from TV, Film or Theatre, and often take footage home to view for more learning. You’ll learn practical techniques from the best working practitioners around.
Auckland acting classes

Teen Acting Classes in Auckland

In our Teen classes we have the same high expectation of you that we have for our adult classes, and the same high standard of teacher too. You’ll learn everything from camera and audition technique, to voice, accents, weapons combat, movement, improvisation, stunts – and just about any other skill that TV and Film work will require of you. All the while we’ll be nurturing you as performers and people, treating you always with care and respect.
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