The Actors Lab Studio

The Actors Lab Studio: Auckland’s Boutique Screen Acting School

At Actors Lab we don’t teach you how to act. We get you good enough to get work, so you can learn to act on the job.
Peter Feeney



In 2019 we relaunched as a one stop Boutique acting school with our main focus on getting actors into screen work. We’ve added a dedicated Teen class (two in 2020!), whose participants we treat with the same respect and high expectations as our adult actors. Our point of difference is that our teachers are working professionals who collectively bring a vast and practical emphasis to the work. This is not a ‘guru’ lead school, where one person is supposed to hold the key to great acting. Director Peter Feeney attends all classes to keep a watchful eye on our actors progress, but our other teachers include actors, directors, casting directors, as well as master teachers in voice, accent, and improvisation.


We’re about training you in key skills, but where we differ is that we know what is happening out in the industry, and we prepare our actors for that. So a few years back we started bringing the Pop Up Globe casting directors, Eddie Bijl and David Lawrence in to teach our classes. Alongside a lot of great learning castings resulted directly from the visits too. We brought in Improv in to our classes last year, and one of our teens and one of our adult participants were cast in the improv based comedy ‘The Educators.’ We know that Children’s TV guru Stephen Campbell is developing a new TV show, so we brought him in to teach our teens for a couple of sessions. And we know the type of accent the makers of Lord of the Rings are asking for in audition, so we are training all our actors in that accent this year. Finally our screen acting tutors, the likes of Lisa Chappell and Joel Tobeck, aren’t just experienced actors – they are currently working actors. Their insights this term will be fresh from the sets of the TV shows they are acting in.

And we’re continuing to do this – constantly adapting and evolving our content, and teachers, to give you the advantage for your acting career.


  • We’re embracing learning on your feet with smaller class sizes (maximum 16 for adults, less for teens).
  • You work every session.
  • Teaching is via the Socratic method: the teacher asks the questions, but does not give the answers: as they will have to on the job, the actor must struggle to figure it out on their own. This makes for hard learning that sticks.
  • There are more guest teachers, all working professionals.
  • We’re giving Actors Lab a screen emphasis. We are going to have a camera in most sessions, with actors able to take their work home to review.
  • We are offering on line workshops for the first time.
  • TWO age streamed teen classes will now run on Sunday afternoons. Lead by Peter Feeney and working professionals we train our teens in voice, stunts, improv, accents, screen acting, audition technique and the head game. We also plug them in to the wider industry, opening up possibilities and opportunities for them, including running Q & A sessions with working actors.