'Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself' - George Bernard Shaw


What we do

Actors Lab Studio

Acting is not a mystery. It is a craft and it can be learnt. But everyone’s process will end up being different. At Actors Lab Studio no one will tell you how to act, but you will discover what works for you.

Ours is a safe, fun space where Studio founder Peter Feeney and guest tutors (actors and directors at the top of their game) share practical and hard-won wisdom. You get to choose what works for you.

Pulling all the learning strands together, Peter’s book ‘Acting and How to Survive It’ summarises all the approaches and techniques on offer.




Each term students don’t just work alongside Peter Feeney. They also work with other industry experts to give them a broad training and varied perspectives. Students lead their own learning, making suggestions term to term.


What's new?


Peter’s book has officially launched! If you weren’t at the book launch, don’t worry - you can grab your copy here!

You can get it from a number of different locations - this website, Amazon, the Book Depository and your local bookshop!

‘Acting and How to Survive’ it is exactly what Kiwi (and Aussie) actors need as they try to make their way in Show Business.

Peter Hambleton, Actor, on Radio NZ National, 14/12/20


Antonia Robinson


"It was Peter who showed me the real essence of what acting was. Not the power of the words you speak, but rather the space between. The space for reacting and expressing emotion when words just don’t cut it. His influence on my acting is what put me on the road to my role in the TV series ‘Mystic,’ and his wisdom opened my eyes to listening not just with my ears, but with my heart."

Olivia Mortimer-Eade


"I started attending Peter’s classes at a time that I was uninspired and studying a degree I wasn’t interested in. From day dot, Peter reinvigorated my imagination and confidence through consistent creative technique every week, all packaged in an extortionate amount of knowledge and wit. After a year of classes I was packed with a renewed sense of excitement and commitment and was accepted into NIDA."

Andrew Marr


"I first attended Actor’s Lab in 2019. My intention was to get a clear understanding of the elements that go to make up a good performance in front of camera. The first breakthrough came in a course you in 2019 where Peter you were clear that I was still “acting” and that to move ahead I would need to dial this back. This had a beneficial effect and at the end of that year I started to pick up a few TVCs and a couple of featured extras roles.

I was then able in my ongoing self-tapes (increased due to COVID restrictions) to “act” less and relax more. The result – oodles more work.

This year (in 2022) I’m back because I still feel that there is still good learning to do. I have no hesitation in commending Actors Lab to any aspiring screen performer – that and persistence."

Marion Shortt


"I love the atmosphere at The Actor's Lab. Classes are fun and relaxed while also providing robust feedback and encouraging bravery, so you can continue to grow. Peter embraces actors fostering a wide toolbox rather than a particular method - this reflects his wealth of industry experience and how important it is for a working actor to be adaptable."

Kathryn Rawlings

Agent, Kathryn Rawlings & Associates

"Peter is a gifted teacher & industry professional. I trust him implicitly with our actors for all areas of developing & maintaining their craft. He is extremely accessible, sensitive & caring."

Hannah Banks


"I found this course really valuable. You had no ego about teaching us – which meant I never felt you were imposing your own views on us, rather you let us discover things ourselves but also shared your wisdom and experience freely. Awesome!"

Brogan Wilkinson


"Peter's classes are constantly challenging you as an actor. I feel more confident in my skills and feel like I'm super prepared for all my auditions. Peter is beyond amazing and really goes out of his way for his students. I can easily say his knowledge was a major reason for booking my latest tv role."

Miranda Harcourt

Actor, Acting Coach, Ex-Head of Acting, NZ Drama School

"Peter brings fresh vision to his work coupled with professional wisdom and his inimitable energy."

Vincent Ward


"I so appreciated working with you. You bring a fantastic combination of experience, optimism, hard work and pragmatism to it all, and you’re so very good with your students/ fellow actors. Thank you!"

Faye Rillstone


"Peter's classes are absolutely brilliant and I have learnt more in the few weeks doing his classes than in the Years spent training at various drama schools."

Julie Collis


"Peter gave me not only invaluable tools in terms of theory and practice, but also a professional approach to acting that proved essential when trying to break into Hollywood, plus an ongoing support that I truly appreciate."